ALL MONTH - Assists Blood Drive with BloodCenter

06/27/2020 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM CST




For Assists' June opportunity we are partnering the The BloodCenter to sponsor a monthlong (June) blood drive. Blood centers are available all across town and you can schedule time nearly any day during the week.  Of note, effective 6/3/2020 all blood donors will also receive free COVID-19 anitbody testing!  Details on how to sign up can be found below:


  1. Click here to find a location nearest you. Then, click on your preferred site and the blue hyperlink that populates thereafter. 
  2. Click the time slot that fits your schedule. Please note that "whole blood" is the standard blood donation. "Double Red" and "Platelets" are for targeted donors & recipients - and there are more requirements for both.
  3. Finalize your appointment - and please put "YLC Group # 213488" in the Notes field! This will help YLC and the Blood Center track how many participants we garner. 


If you run into any issues you are welcome to contact our Blood Center coordinator, Elizabeth "Liz" Garland, at egarland@thebloodcenter.org. And for the day of your appointment, you are eligible to prefill your medical questionnaire, required for all donors, via the following link. This will save you from having to do one onsite.
Finally, if you are of the LGTBQ community please note that the Blood Center has revised their policies effective June 1 to be in line with the most recent FDA update.
About the Blood CenterThe Blood Center is a nonprofit that disseminates blood donations to all of Southeast LA and South MS hospitals (with the exception of Ochsner, as they have their own facility). Founded in 1960, the Blood Center continues to save lives of our local community!
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