Read to Lead - Transitions in Power #3

06/04/2020 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM CST


[No City], LA
United States of America



Our Spring/Summer series will discuss "Transitions in Power," focusing on the ways that leaders can best utilize a transitional phase to implement change -- or explore when leadership fails during a change in regime. Participants are asked to sign-up for the series.


Read to Lead is a four-part discussion series focused on leadership lessons explored through classical literature. By imagining themselves in the stories of ancient leaders, young professionals reflect on universal leadership challenges and how they might better face them in the future. YLC and our partner Kallion Leadership, Inc. hope this monthly event will guide leaders, offering them an opportunity to explore the ways they think about leadership.


June's Read to Lead sessions include:



YLC members are can participate for free.


 Email Ashley at ashley@ylcnola.org to sign up for a single session or the remainder of the series!

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